How to buy goods in Skarab company

There are several possibilities to buy goods in our company, and it's up to you, which option is for you the most popular and easiest. In the Contacts, you can find all the information to all of our company departments - names, phone numbers, e-mails, fax etc.
There is a possibility of a detailed technical clarification of demanded part, based on the VIN of your truck, for all types and brands of vehicles.
If you're used to order via e-shop, there is nothing easier than to make an order in this manner. Additionally, for each order via the web interface, we will provide you a discount of 1% of total amount.

Range of products

There is a total of 85,000 items in our e-shop. You can search for goods in two interconnected trees (product groups). The first major tree divided goods according to types of vehicles and trailers. In this tree, you can find also other groups of parts and goods on which we focus (tyres, hoses, liquids, truck and car accessories, ...)
The second tree divided goods in various parts of the truck - for example chassis parts, parts of the cab, engine etc.
Both of these trees are further divided into more detailed subfolders.

Spare parts searching

You can search spare parts with full-text box, where you can enter part numbers, that you know.

New commodities

We offer not only products from the area of spare parts for trucks, but also other products - armyshop, hobby, car and truck accessories, work clothing and equipment, special shop with wine and beer, manufacture of hoses etc.

Company stores in Příbor

You can also buy goods personaly in our store in Příbor, which is situated 35 km from Ostrava. You can visit our wholesale for truck´s spare parts, self-service shop with accesories for trucks and cars, truck and car service center, workshops, armyshop, wine-beer shop or you can spend some time in the stylish cellar restaurant with a summer garden and playground.
If you are far away, we arrange delivery of goods direct to you. We can send you goods by Skarab delivery service, or as a package by some other transport companies - DPD, Schenker, etc.

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